Words With Friends Facebook

Zynga, the king of Facebook games, is bringing one of its most popular mobile games to the social network. Words With Friends, the multiplayer-only Scrabble-style word game is “coming soon” with all the features of the mobile version and more.

The announcement today notes this is the first mobile game Zynga has brought to Facebook. For those who already play on iOS or Android, you’ll be able to move games back and forth between Facebook and whichever device you already play the game on, which should make it easier to complete games. You’ll still be able to play up to 20 games at a time, so that should be enough to keep you occupied should you be worried that one Internet-based game of Scrabble will have too much downtime in between moves.

It’s already possible to connect Words With Friends with Facebook as a means of getting a list of friends to play with. The new version will add support for some obligatory Facebook game features like notifications for when it’s your turn and the ability to post messages on a friend’s wall to brag (and, more importantly to Zynga, to advertise the game).

It’s impressive that Words With Friends remains so popular on the App Store — it’s currently the top paid word game, and the second most popular free word game, trailing only another Zynga game, Hanging With Friends. Words With Friends was originally released in 2009 by Newtoy, a Texas-based developer that was acquired by Zynga this past December and rebranded Zynga With Friends.

By Chris Pereira