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I would start this edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up with something like, "Holy vidya games, Batman!" on account of Injustice: Gods Among Us having just launched and being awesome,but yeah, I'm not going to do that. Why, you ask? Because reasons, that's why! Now, go on! Git! Check out all of the latest reviews, previews, and original editorial content right here.


Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us is so good it'll make you fall in love with Aquaman

This DC fighter from the studio behind Mortal Kombat delivers outstanding hard-hitting action. Also, Aquaman uses a shark to attack his enemies.

Review: Guacamelee! offers a delicious mix of combat, platforming, art, and music

If you're looking for solid 2D action gaming, this deliciously named downloadable indie title has you covered.

Peripheral Vision: Gunnar Vayper

These gaming glasses aren't very easy to recommend.

Movie Review: Oblivion offers up a tall glass of cold, hard sci-fi

Sci-fi movie lovers, go out and watch Oblivion. You're bound to have a fun time.

Review: Defiance is an ambitious MMO, that was clearly designed for consoles

Some gross bugs and launch issues keep this console and PC MMO from being as great as it could be.

Review: Black Ops 2: Uprising turns the tables upside down on the Call of Duty formula

The latest Call of Duty DLC offers some welcome changes to the popular military FPS.

Review: Sacred Citadel pays homage to beat ‘em ups of the past with modern prowess

Need a fun brawler that's best when played with pals? Of course you do! So you may want to check out Sacred Citadel.


The Final Countdown: Star Trek the Video Game

[Insert Spock joke here.]

Our first impressions of Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead

We enter the prohibition era and catch a glimpse of this upcoming Black Ops 2 expansion.

GZ Originals

Nintendo Direct Recap: It's a good time to own a 3DS

A successor to A Link to the Past and new Animal Crossing? Yup, the 3DS is looking to get some cool content in the near future for sure!

Dr. David's Indie Roundup: Anna – Extended Edition, La-Mulana Steam, Starbound, and more

What's new in the indie world? How about some potentially awesome ports and exciting upcoming titles?

God of War, Twisted Metal creator, David Jaffe doesn’t understand game journalism

Is the man behind two of gaming's most recognizable franchises out of touch with the realm of video game news reporting?

Let's watch Injustice: Gods Among Us

GameZone relives the magic of Injustice and showcases the Story mode cutscenes.

Level One: DmC Devil May Cry

This game is pretty damn great. Don't believe me? Watch this play-through of the initial parts.

Should we expect the next Call of Duty at the Xbox 720 reveal?

It's possible that we'll get a new Call of Duty reveal alongside the nexg Xbox console's announcement.

Will The Evil Within redefine survival horror?

Here's hoping, because we need scary games!

Week in Mobile: Fish Out of Water, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, and Trial of the Clone

These fish ain't got nathin' on Ridiculous Fishing!

Bitpicking: Have we met?

This time on Bitpicking, GameZone tackles memorable characters, or the lack thereof.

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By David Sanchez