Mortal Kombat

Today’s erroneous report that John Romero is done developing so-called “hardcore games” has led to quite a backlash from those who would probably put themselves in the category of “hardcore gamers.” Besides the fact that it simply isn’t true (see below), the reaction has been downright ridiculous. Some are acting as if such a decision would be a betrayal on Romero’s part; I’ve even seen him referred to as a “disgrace.” Were he indeed moving in a different direction, he would have every right to do so — he’s not obligated to do anything he doesn’t want to. To suggest otherwise is just silly.

Today’s highlights:

  • Bungie is officially working on an MMO.

  • Epic Games president says he’d “love to ship the Gears trilogy on PlayStation.”
  • Nintendo experimented with a 3D Wii.
  • Double Fine’s new game looks like a new MechAssault.
  • Steam Guard looks to protect your Steam account from intruders.
  • The influence of Steve Jobs and Gary Gygax on Doom.
  • Heavy Rain maker wants to see more mature games.
  • Eric Chahi talks about Out of This World and shows the new iPad version.
  • We’ve got more videos of DS games on 3DS, and a new StreetPass video after visiting GDC.
  • A new episode of at1UP is out.
  • The breakfast of GDC.

Here’s what else happened today:

John Romero is Not Done with Hardcore Games

Despite an erroneous report by Eurogamer, famed id Software co-founder John Romero is not done creating hardcore games. Romero was a designer on Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein 3D, so he’s clearly made his mark on the hardcore side of the industry. If there was any doubt about his original remarks that led to the confusion, he cleared it up with a simple tweet: “I am not done making hardcore games.” (And while we’re clearing things up, Cliff Bleszinski didn’t call game developers assholes, either.)


Try Mortal Kombat on PS3 First

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get their hands on a demo of Mortal Kombat before anyone else. It’ll be available on the PlayStation Store next Tuesday, March 8, a full week prior to its release on PSN for the rest of the public. There will be two levels (The Pit and The Living Forest), multiplayer for two players, 3D support, and four characters: Johnny Cage, Mileena, Scorpion, and Sub-Zero.


PSP Go Price Slashed to $149.99

Following the example of its UMD-supporting brother, Sony will cut the price of the PSP Go in the United States by $50 down to $149.99. That makes it $20 more expensive than the PSP-3000 after its recent price drop. The new price is yet to be reflected on any retailers’ websites; instead, the price comes directly from Sony’s official website.


OnLive to Get Achievements and More

OnLive product development lead Joe Bentley announced at a GDC panel that OnLive will be getting a myriad of new features. In addition to Achievements, which are still all the rage, OnLive will at some point be getting voice chat and game invites, as well as an easy way to upload ‘Brag Clips’ to YouTube.


By Chris Pereira