Sony confirms well-received episodic series will be available for latest portable later this year.

Sony has confirmed that Telltale Games’ well-received The Walking Dead series will launch on the PlayStation Vita sometime later this year. It is not clear if all five chapters will launch episodically or if they will be bundled together at the time of launch.

PlayStation director of product planning and platform software innovation Don Mesa told IGN that Telltale Games supporting the platform “sends a strong message.”

“Having [a studio] like Telltale, a very successful indie developer, coming in to support us sends a strong message,” Mesa said.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead series was praised by critics at launch last April and took home the Adventure Game of the Year award during the 16th annual D.I.C.E. Awards last month. The entire five-game series sold more than 8.5 million episodes, with the average user spending $16.

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By Eddie Makuch, News Editor