South Park 1UP award

Last night’s episode of South Park featured a number of videogame references. After the kids develop a sport where crack babies fight for drugs, EA Sports begins producing games based on the sport and, ultimately, obtains the rights to the sport through some legal trickery. EA Sports boss Peter Moore also gets an appearance through the foul-mouthed Mr. Peters.

Besides buying a tub full of KFC gravy and skewering the NCAA for its practice of not paying student athletes (which are chalked up as slaves on the show), the kids visit the EA Sports offices. While they’re there, you can see posters for some EA Sports games and, as noticed by a number of people (including 1UP community member AniTenshi), an ‘E3 2009 Best of Show’ award from a site that sounds suspiciously familiar — The award looks awfully similar to 1UP’s real-life Best of E3 award, pictured below. And it just so happens that Madden NFL 10, an EA game, did take home 1UP’s ‘Best of E3 Sports Game’ award in 2009.

Last night’s episode wasn’t the first time EA has been mentioned on the show; last year, it made fun of Tiger Woods’ infidelity and parodied an EA Sports-made Tiger Woods videogame.

You can click the image above to see a larger version or watch the episode for yourself at South Park Studios.

1UP Best of E3 award 2010

By Chris Pereira