Sony has been a large supporter of the push to 3D gaming. At the 2011 E3, Sony unleashed the 24-inch PlayStation 3D display – a television built specifically for gaming, and one which we thought highly of. Check out our review of the 3D display here.

Despite its crisp picture, there were some drawbacks – mainly the small size and 3D glasses which are expensive and a little uncomfortable.

It looks like Sony has listened to their fans and answered their call. This year at CES, Sony unveiled another 3D display. This time its glasses-free and has a larger model. In an effort to support 3D gaming, Sony has plans to release two additional 3D TVs.

The first is a 24-inch display capable of 1080p. Unlike the current 24-inch display Sony offers, this one doesn't require 3D glasses.

The next model is for those who want a larger screen. The 46-inch LCD display has up to 4K resolution and is also glasses-free.

Sony did not reveal a release date or pricing for either of the two displays, but you can expect a nice price drop on the current 24-inch PlayStation 3D display relatively soon.

It looks like Sony listened to fans and removed the two biggest things plaguing the 3D display – size and glasses. They have definitely peaked my interest.

Just for giggles, here is Sony's "Bring it in 3D" ad featuring Kevin Butler.

By Matt Liebl