We see it all the time: People like to make bold claims about the state of the video game industry. Analysts do it, writers do it, Rovio Mobile does it, and so on. Bold predictions are a part of this industry. Sometimes these claims are a bit too wild, though.

Case in point: Forbers contributor Adam Hartung. According to this dude, the end of the line is fast approaching for Microsoft. Hartung cites the rise of mobile platforms and the decline of PC sales as major factors in his predictions. Hmm … I've been meaning to buy a new PC. I better hurry up before the damn things are discontinued!

"The entertainment division could be spun off, sold to someone like Sony or possibly Barnes & Noble, or dramatically reduced in size," stated Hartung ever so crazily.

Honestly, there are things I love about both Microsoft and Sony, but there are plenty of things I wish both companies worked on. I'd hate to see all of the things I hate that these two entities do combined and fed to the consumer from a single source. Also, a Barnes & Noble Xbox console? That's, like, some weird alternate reality!

[Forbes via Destructoid]

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By David Sanchez