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Despite the abundance of accessible PSP and PlayStation Mini games currently available for the brand new PlayStation Vita, many owners of Sony's new handheld want to know when the PS1 classics will be made available. Sony doesn't have a sure answer, but they are hoping for "sooner rather than later".

In an interview with Wired, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida talked a little about Sony's course of action with bringing PlayStation 1 games to the PS Vita.

"The goal was, we get all PSP downloadable games to work on PS Vita, and the PS1 games to work on PS Vita," Yoshida explained.

"From a PSP emu standpoint, we are almost there. Ninety-plus percent of PSP PSN games are already on the Japanese store to download," he went on to reveal.

"And the team is focusing on getting the U.S. and European launch as good in terms of coverage of the PSP titles on the store. So that’s the focus. Because of that, we are really trying for a high percent of the PSP games to go on the PS Vita for launch in the U.S. and Europe. After that we will shift focus to get PS1 games on PS Vita."

Yoshida couldn't say when, but did confirm that it is still going to happen.

"I'm hoping for sooner rather than later," he said.

In the meantime, early adopters of the PlayStation Vita will just have to settle for the 270+ PSP and PlayStation Mini games available in addition to the impressive PS Vita launch titles.

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By Matt Liebl