EA Sports has released a new trailer forNHL 14 showing off the game's new collision physics. I know we were teased with a screenshot of the new engine last month, but today's video offers us a first-look at the collision physics in action. In addition to seeingNHL 14's adrenaline-pumping gameplay, producer SeanRamjagsingh explains to us the technology that went into creating the new physics in the game.

The all-newNHLCollision Physics is built fromFIFA's award-winning player impact engine, but has been evolved to fit the aggressive nature of hockey. Collisions now take into account player size, speed, momentum, and body position into account to deliver more realistic hits. This should create more authentic reactions from huge hits, glancing blows, limb-on-limb collisions and everything in between, all based on new rag doll physics.

NHL 14 is due out on September 10, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3. Voting is currently underway for the game's cover athlete.

By Matt Liebl