Heroes of Ruin on 3DS Image / Screenshot

    The Nintendo 3DS is getting ready to kick into high gear with a variety of cool releases on the horizon, though one title that’s really caught our eye is Square-Enix’s Heroes of Ruin. This 4-player dungeon crawler looks like a seriously epic romp, with some likening it to a portable Diablo. One outlet in particular believes it may be the next killer app for the system, hm…

    Anyhow, check out the latest trailer to see how the game is shaping up. Apparently slated for release soon, we’re definitely looking forward to trying this one out in person!

    Game info:HEROES OF RUIN is an action/adventure which pushes social and online interaction to the forefront of play. Either alone or through four-player drop-in/drop-out multiplayer with voice chat, players can explore a dangerous world packed with fearsome creatures and routes that change every time you play. Heroes can trade rare and powerful items through an in-game shop which has an inventory updated through StreetPass. Connect the 3DS console online and fresh daily challenges allow you to earn rewards as you play.

    By Vito Gesualdi