The Legend of Zelda 3DS came out of nowhere last month, sending A Link to the Past fans into frenzied anticipation for the its holiday 2013 release. We know a bit more about Link’s untitled return to the top-down Hyrule of yore thanks to a CNET interview with the cagey Eiji Aonuma.

Aonuma said overseeing Ocarina of Time 3DS filled him and his team with ideas to be applied to a cleaner slate. He thinks it may be the most inventive game in the series yet. You ought to play the new Zelda with the 3D slider turned up, even though it’s fully playable in boring old 2D.

It’s not just visually distinct. Zelda’s long standing formula of item-based progression “certainly feels different from our point of view,” Aonuma said. He was, of course, purposefully vague about those differences.

A Link to the Past’s Light and Dark worlds will return, Aonuma confirmed, so make sure you bring your Moon Pearl.

If you haven’t checked out our Legend of Zelda 3DS gameplay video yet, what on earth are you waiting for?

By Connor Sheridan