Rock Band and Dance Central studio cuts “small number” of jobs due to “shifting priorities” for company’s upcoming games.

Rock Band and Dance Central creator Harmonix has cut a “small number” of jobs, the Cambridge, Mass. studio has confirmed with Polygon.

“We can confirm that a small number of Harmonix employees were let go today,” a Harmonix spokesperson said. “This decision was made due to shifting staffing priorities for Harmonix’s multiple future projects.”

No greater detail regarding why the cuts were necessary was provided. Polygon has heard from sources that the layoffs, described as part of normal business procedure, totaled around 10 people.

The staff reduction comes about a month after venture capital firm The Foundry Group managing director Brad Feld joined Harmonix’s board of directors. The group claims Harmonix is working on a “new generation of games that transform the way humans and computers interact.”

Last summer, Harmonix confirmed it was working at at least two new AAA games, one of which may feature real-time combat.

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By Eddie Makuch, News Editor