Bioshock Infinite Image

It’s no secret I love nearly everything and anything BioShock related. With that said, only certain fan art pieces really make me take a step back and say holy s#$%! Meet Feli Tomkinson, an Argentinian artist who put his outstanding Dreamworks-esque art style on Deviantart. The two posters shown below capture both the heroes and villains of BioShock Infinite in such a way that I want nothing more than to hang them inside of my apartment.

I for one, would buy both of these if some way they went on sale. If some magical cartoon was made out of these images and characters, I would go back to my Saturday morning cartoon days. I suppose what I’m saying here is that they are pretty damn awesome; mad props sir.

BioShock Infinite Cartoon Art 2

BioShock Infinite Cartoon Art

[Deviantartvia Kotaku]

By Andrew Clouther