GTA 5 actress

Like it or not, even our most beloved games have actors and actresses who aren't real familiar with their role. When it comes to voice acting in video games not everyone gets the attention as Beyond's Ellen Page,as evidenced byGTA 5 voice actress Shari Albert who has "no idea" who she played in the game.

Shari Albert has a role in Rockstar's highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto 5, but her IMDB page lists it only as "various." I'd like to think a majority of people — especially the ones who, you know, have acting parts in the game — have a good idea as to hype surrounding the newGrand Theft Auto, but it doesn't seem like Albert was real prepared for the onslaught of attention (especially after today's trailer drops) she would receive.

Here's her tweet from yesterday.

Believing a real actress would have some more motivation behind her lines than just a "#paycheck," I asked her how she got into "character" without knowing her role.Shari clarified to me that when she's brought into the studio she usually knows the "circumstance and what's up in the moment."

"Usually with video games that's fairly straightforward," she told me. "Video games are bare bones. With TV, film and theatre you actually get time with the script. V/O work you're in and out."

Now it could be that Shari was a minor role as her IMDB doesn't specify; however, it is speculated that she is the voice of Amanda, Michael's wife who is having an affair, a seemingly pretty important part. You'd think she'd be told something like that in advance. Seems like a pretty difficult gig to just be brought into the studio and told to read some lines. Shari has does voice over work forAlan Wake andSuperman Returns.

Do you think it matters if Shari Albert doesn't know what role she had in Grand Theft Auto 5?

By Matt Liebl