Dragon Quest X

Update: The blog responsible for the transcript has clarified that when Wada spoke of exploring Wii U, he wasn’t specifically referring to anything related to Dragon Quest X. And he most certainly wasn’t referring to Dragon Quest X becoming a Wii U game, as some have assumed.

Original Story: With the Wii U coming out sometime next year and Wii sales declining, it seems like a curious decision to have a high profile game like Dragon Quest X coming to Wii. (To be fair, at the time it was announced back in 2008, it made sense.) A release date still hasn’t been set, but Square Enix said in March it’s working on the “last parts of the game” and that more information will likely be shared “by the end of this year.” Wii games are playable on Wii U, so anyone who picks up the new system will be able to play DQX. For those who do, Square Enix may end up having something special in store.

During a shareholder meeting, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada addressed a question about releasing DQX on Wii at this point in the system’s life cycle. According to an Andriasang translation of the transcript, Wada said Square is in the process of “technical investigations” for what sounds like the addition of Wii U-specific content or features. It might also be that support for the Wii U controller is added so that players don’t have to use the Wii remote to play on Wii U, but Wada wasn’t specific enough to know for sure.

It’s currently unknown if a Wii game could include something like that. Certain DS games featured exclusive, DSi-enhanced content while still allowing for the game to be playable on older DS models.

We don’t know much about DQX at this point. Creator Yuji Horii has stated that its platform isn’t indicative of what will happen with future titles. He explained, “I feel that some users will want to play Dragon Quest on the big screen, which is why we are working toward releasing it on Wii. Of course, in the future we might develop on handhelds again, so it’s really a case-by-case basis. It all depends on what the customer wants at that time.”

By Chris Pereira