Dragon Quest X beta reward

Dragon Quest X is going in a much different direction than most of its predecessors. While DQIX did incorporate multiplayer elements, DQX is going even further in the direction of being an MMO. The Wii (and Wii U) game is without a release date as of yet, but a beta is planned to iron out any kinks before Square Enix unleashes the game (complete with subscription fees) in Japan.

A Japanese website filled with information on the beta has just been launched. Gamers can begin applying for access beginning sometime in mid-November, although you must live in Japan and have a free Square Enix Members account to be considered. You’ll also need a Wii that can connect to the Internet and be willing to actively participate by submitting bug reports and things of that nature.

Those who are accepted will be sent a beta test kit for free containing a beta disc, USB memory stick (expected to be at least 16GB in size), and a manual.

Applicants will be chosen based upon the information they submit as opposed to a first-come, first-served basis. More testers will be added as the beta goes on, and all of those who participate will get the Dracky cap seen in the screenshot above as a thank-you.

All five of the game’s tribes can be chosen from when creating a character. Much of its story will not be accessible in the beta, although some of the prologue and a number of bosses will be included.

An official launch date for the beta itself has not yet been announced. Barring any leaks (and realistically, those are almost certain to happen), don’t expect to hear any first-hand accounts from beta testers — they will not be allowed to discuss the game.

Just after DQX’s announcement in early September, an official website mentioned a “usage fee” for the game which turned out to be the subscription mentioned above. At least as of right now, this is only true of the game in Japan. Its presence is not a guarantee other regions will be subjected to the same monthly fee; Monster Hunter Tri carried a subscription in Japan that gamers in North America and Europe didn’t have to pay.

That may again prove to be the case. In Japan, it may not be a significant detriment in Japan — series’ co-creator Kouichi Nakamura seems pretty upbeat about the direction the series is taking and we know Dragon Quest is serious business over there.

Source: Andriasang

By Chris Pereira