Battlelog 2.0, the next iteration of DICE's free social platform that ties intoBattlefield(andMedal of Honor), will be a "big improvement" on its predecessor. That is according to Battlelog developer Jojje Dalunde who took Twitter to tease that it's "going to be pretty sweet."

We don't know know much — actually, we don't know anything — about the next version of Battlelog, but it's assumed it will launch alongsideBattlefield 4; although Dalunde couldn't confirm a solid date for when it will go live.The original Battlelog was release in conjunction withBattlefield 3 back in 2011. It serves as the primary hub where players could track stats, socialize, and even launch the game. It's assumed Battlelog 2.0 will expand upon these features in great length — at least, that's what I'm getting from Dalunde.

There are currently "around 40 people," including designers, devs, QA and more, working on the new version of Battlelog. Given the social tie-ins Battlelog has withBattlefield, I'm assuming it will be unveiled when DICE reveals a first-look atBattlefield 4's multiplayer gameplay.

By Matt Liebl