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The first trailer for CD ProjeKkt RED's new science fiction role-playing game,Cyberpunk 2077, is expected to release sometime next week. The game is based on the pen-and-paperCyberpunk series.

Announced back in October,Cyberpunk 2077 will be a mature-themed sandbox RPG featuring futuristic weapons, implants, and gadgets. It takes place in the fictional Night City, located alongside California's coast. Likethe developer'sTheWitcher series, player's decisions throughout the game will affect the storyline. Aside from the brief description and a teaser image, we haven't seen much of the game, but that could change soon.

Tom Ohle, director at Evolve PR, teased that he was watching theCyberpunk 2077 trailer "again. And Again. Aaaaaand one more time. And it's not even the final one."

When asked when the trailer will go live, Ohleresponded, "Next weekish." He also said that the trailer makes him feel "all funny down there."

The tweets have since been deleted, but we're still pretty excited!Cyberpunk 2077, which is said to be the start of a new series, is also rumored to be a next-generation release.

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By Matt Liebl