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Tomb Raider Image

Tomb Raider Image

Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix, and Microsoft at CES 2013 unveiled a new, limited-editionTomb Raider-themed Xbox 360 controller. As you can see from the images, the tattered-looking controller resembles that of Lara's climbing axe and tourniquets often wrapped around her. Below is the full description:

Developed in collaboration with artists at Crystal Dynamics, the design of the controller features a two-layer color finish with laser etching to create a realistic and tactile worn appearance. It’s inspired by Lara’s iconic climbing axe and the tourniquets that result from the adventure in her intense origin story, as told in this latest title. The controller also features a customizable D-pad that switches from a “plus” design to a “disc” pattern for better control, and a wireless range of up to 30-feet that allows for more freedom in your home environment as you explore and play the game.

TheTomb Raidercontroller will be available exclusively at GAME in the UK. Those who purchase it will also receive a download token for an Xbox 360-exclusive playable character known as Scavenger Archer.The controller will release at the same time as the worldwide launch ofTomb Raider on March 5, 2013. It is priced at£39.99 ERP.

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By Matt Liebl