Go back to Liberty City as Grand Theft Auto III makes its way to PSN

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Grand Theft Auto III Image

Grand Theft Auto III surely started a revolution. Needless to say that it sparked the 3D sandbox, car-jacking phenomenon, which eventually lead to games like Mercenaries, Just Cause and Saint's Row.

Not too long ago, the game got a full re-release on iOS and Android platforms, giving gamers everywhere (at least those with a smartphone) a chance to roam the streets of Liberty City on the go. However, let's face it, the best way to experience GTA III is on a TV, with a controller. Lucky for you, you won't have to hunt down that used copy from GameStop that may or may not be completely scratched up, yet they'll sell it to you with a 'guarantee'. On Tuesday, July 31st, you'll be able to download GTA III on the PSN for a mere $10.

Before you get too excited for trophy support or an HD makeover, this PS2 Classic will feature none of that. It's the same GTA III you enjoyed playing back in 2001.

Mark your calendars!

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By Mike Splechta

Get your hands on one of these Vampire Season plushes

Vampire Season on  Image / Screenshot

Vampire Season Image

A few weeks ago, we reviewed a pretty great game for the iPad called Vampire Season, and you should obviously give it a try immediately because it's free! Our own Alex Faciane has said:

"This game is a joy to play, and with it's 3D rendered graphics and freedom from any sort of real grid-based gameplay, this game ends up feeling more like a polished tribute to oldWarcraft 3sessions than it does any sort of mobile game at all, much lessPvZ."

Now were giving you a chance to win a plush Manny, directly from the game! He'll make a great companion for all those long gameplay sessions of Vampire Season. All you have to do is Click Here which will send you to our Tweet and Retweet it for a chance to win a Manny plush all for yourself.

There will be five lucky winners, and the giveaway will run until Thursday, August 2nd.

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By Mike Splechta

Sony in no rush to unveil PS4, waiting patiently for Microsoft

PlayStation 4 on PS3 Image / Screenshot

PlayStation 4 Image

It seems the race between Sony and Microsoft to unveil a new console — presumably the PS4 and Xbox 720 — is moving at a snail's pace. Despite the constant rumors swirling around the internet, neither company has announced anything official regarding a next-gen Playstation or Xbox. What's the deal?

Well, as Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai put it, the company seems to be waiting for Microsoft to make the first move.In the Business section of The Times today, spotted by IGN, Hirai bluntly asked, "Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?"

Given that both Sony and Microsoft are both supposedly working on new consoles simultaneously, it's hard to imagine a few weeks difference could really make much of an impact. If both the PS4 and Xbox 720 are as late in the development cycle as we've been led to believe, it'd be hard to change the specs of either so last minute. Unless, of course, neither company is as far as the rumors say they are.

Regardless, neither Sony nor Microsoft seem keen on taking themselves out of the next-gen console race by announcing it before the other. It used to be a race to be the first console out, now it's a race to be the last.

The last rumor we heard surrounding the PlayStation 4 was that Sony is looking to replace its signature DualShock controller in favor of a LCD touch screen-type controller.

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By Matt Liebl

Electronic Arts laying off about 5% – 11% of its staff

Mass Effect 3 on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U Image / Screenshot

Mass Effect 3 Image

Things just aren't going that well for EA. From being nominated as the worst company in America, to one of the worst fan backlashes in history thanks to Mass Effect 3's ending, things just don't seem to be looking up. It also seems that the publisher is planning to lay off 500 – 1000 employees, and this might come as early as next week. Ouch.

This all seems to be stemming from the massive amounts of money EA seems to have lost. During the quarter that ended on December 31st, one of the most crucial periods due to the holiday shopping, it was reported that they have lost $205 million, and the previous quarter had losses all the way up to $340 million.

To top it all off, the company's shares are down 21.5 percent to $16.18, and the stock lost 70 percent of its value over the last five years.

I'm assuming a lot of gamers everywhere are rejoicing to see that the publisher of all publishers aren't having the biggest of successes, but at the same time, it's important to note a lot of good people will lose their jobs, and in this job market, that's a terrifying notion.


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By Mike Splechta

UCube exclusive interview

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 Image / Screenshot

GameZone was able to check out the awesome mobile media center, U Cube. This mobile station includes five 50' high definition TV's, leather seating, theater lights and surround sound for each of the stations. The trailer also has the ability to plus in two additional stations outside of it.

They're also able to supply any gaming needs you might require. Want it to be an all Xbox 360 party? You got it. Want to diversify? That's fine too, as you can have 360's, PS3 and Wii's available. They even cater to motion gaming crowd with Kinect and PS Move as well. Since they're partnering with GameStop, they're also never short of popular games that you might want to have at your event.

UCube is based in South Florida and specializes in any kind of event, be it from a birthday party, a bachelor party, to a business party. They're able to cater to whatever you require.

By Mike Splechta

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