Black Ops 2 sees 81% drop in sales, still No. 1 in UK

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Image

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 remained the UK's best-seller despite seeing an 81% drop in sales. Given its record-breaking launch on November 13, it's hard to be too critical of the decrease, especially when taking into account the release of Square Enix'sHitman: Absolution.

However, even with the release of the new assassin game,Black Ops 2 could not be dethroned. Even with the drop in sales,Black Ops 2's second week was still more successful than that ofits predecessor,Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which saw a 87% drop in its second week. In fact, week two sales are actually up by 15% compared toModern Warfare 3 last year.

As forHitman: Absolution, it debuted in the number two spot, outsellingHitman: Blood Money (the next bestHitmanlaunch) by almost three times.

FIFA 13andAssassin's Creed 3 remained "reasonably static" at number three and four, respectively. NewcomerLEGO: The Lord of the Rings debuted at six, just slightly behindHalo 4 which dropped to number five. Other titles in the top 10 includeJust Dance 4andSkylanders Giants, both seeing an increase in sales.Further down the list you'll find other new entriesDisney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (#34),Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (#35),andPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (#38).

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By Matt Liebl

Mutant Mudds 3DS free update adding Grannie levels from PC version

Mutant Mudds Image

One of the cool new features that's included in the PC version of Mutant Mudds is the addition of 20 super challenging levels. These stages star protagonist Max's dear ol' Grannie, and they're some of the toughest levels in the game. But Renegade Kid wants to make sure that all Mutant Mudds fans have access to the same sweet content across multiple platforms.

In a post on his blog, Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham announced that the special Grannie levels from the PC version of Mutant Mudds would be released on the 3DS eShop iteration of the highly challenging 2D platformer. The best part is that the 20 levels will be ported over as a free update.

This is great news for 3DS owners who dig Mutant Mudds and are eager to jump right back into the experience. Having played the Grannie levels myself, I have to say they make for some of the most memorable moments in the game, and the challenge is definitely satisfying.

In other Renegade Kid and Mutant Mudds news, Watsham explained that the studio is still trying to get the game on Steam. If that's something you want to see, head on over to Steam Greenlight and give Mutant Mudds some votes.

That's not all, though. Watsham also revealed that Renegade Kid is now officially an authorized Wii U developer. Seriously, the sheer possibilities that are running through my mind right now have me stupidly excited.

[Jools Watsham's Blog]

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By David Sanchez

New Heroes of Ruin trailer promises the next killer 3DS app

Heroes of Ruin on 3DS Image / Screenshot

    The Nintendo 3DS is getting ready to kick into high gear with a variety of cool releases on the horizon, though one title that’s really caught our eye is Square-Enix’s Heroes of Ruin. This 4-player dungeon crawler looks like a seriously epic romp, with some likening it to a portable Diablo. One outlet in particular believes it may be the next killer app for the system, hm…

    Anyhow, check out the latest trailer to see how the game is shaping up. Apparently slated for release soon, we’re definitely looking forward to trying this one out in person!

    Game info:HEROES OF RUIN is an action/adventure which pushes social and online interaction to the forefront of play. Either alone or through four-player drop-in/drop-out multiplayer with voice chat, players can explore a dangerous world packed with fearsome creatures and routes that change every time you play. Heroes can trade rare and powerful items through an in-game shop which has an inventory updated through StreetPass. Connect the 3DS console online and fresh daily challenges allow you to earn rewards as you play.

    By Vito Gesualdi

    Nintendo sold nearly 200K 3DS XLs in first two days

    NSMB 2 and XL Sales

    Nintendo has sold 193,441 3DS XLs (or LLs, as they're called in Japan) in the handheld's first "week" in native territory. reported the numbers today, citing publisher Enterbrain. The sales report covers two days: July 28 and July 29.

    New Super Mario Bros. 2 also did well, shifting 430,185 copies in the same two-day span. That figure does not reflect sales of the download version and may or may not include those of download code cards from select retailers like 7-Eleven.

    Full hardware sales for the 3DS will be ready tomorrow.

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    By Stephanie Carmichael

    Live in Europe? Great! Today you can buy Nintendo’s 3DS XL

    Nintendo 3DS XL Image

    If you happen to be reading this newspost and you live in Europe, then you can waltz outside to your nearest video game retailer and buy Nintendo's latest 3DS hardware, the 3DS XL. Japan gets it tomorrow, and us in the US have to wait nearly a month until August 19th.

    Did I mention that I was jealous? Though it doesn't tout any new upgrades as far as internal hardware goes, it does boast a slight redesign that makes it look, at least in my opinion, way better. Not to mention that gorgeous 4.88 inch screen, which will make gameplay way more enjoyable, and that 3Dactually worthwhile.

    Though I don't personally have a huge problem with the 3DS' smaller screen, fellow colleague Vito Gesualdi always tells me that he wishes that it was bigger, since a lot of the great detail that gets put into 3DS games gets lost on such a small screen.

    You can even check out Vito's 3DS XL hands-on article from SDCC, where he states that everything about the 3DS XL is absolutely better, save for the fact that it still doesn't come with that second circle pad. Come on Nintendo!

    For those patient, and willing to skip importing the 3DS XL, you can start saving your money now, as it will cost $199.99 at launch, and will come with a 4GB SD Card, and promises a much longer batter life than its predecessor. It's also worth noting that if you do plan to upgrade to the 3DS XL, and you have purchased games or DLC from the eShop, you might want to hold on to your 3DS before you trade it in, as you'll need to transfer your content licenses from one 3DS to another. Simply saving everything on your SD card won't do the trick.

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    By Mike Splechta

    New characters confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

    Super Smash Bros. Image

    It appears as if the roster for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS will expand – or at least feature some new playable characters.

    While delivering the keynote address at this year's CEDEC developers conference, Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai didn't say much about the upcoming game except that "it's fun making new skills for new characters."

    Back in July, Masahiro suggested Super Smash Bros. had "probaby" reached its limit so the new characters additions could be very limited or he has plans to replace some of the lesser popular characters with new ones.

    With Namco Bandai co-developing the new Smash Bros. there is an endless amount of cameo possibilities. Who would you like to see?

    [Famitsu via Andriasang]

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    By Matt Liebl

    Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney is almost complete


    Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney has entered the final stage of development, according to designer Shu Takumi.

    Takumi told Japanese magazine Famitsu that the game was progressing smoothly. Level-5 is developing the game with Capcom as copublisher.

    Japan is expected the receive the game sometime this year. There's no word yet on a release for North America, but keeping this one from us would be a crime.

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    By Stephanie Carmichael

    This is Renegade Kid’s next 3DS game

    Mutant Mudds Image

    Back in January the Nintendo 3DS got a nice little eShop game titled Mutant Mudds. The game was developed by Renegade Kid, and it offered a retro-style platforming romp that was rife with style and charm. Our own Robert Workman awarded the game a mighty impressive 9 / 10 score, which means you should play it if you own a 3DS. Or else.

    Renegade Kid is now working on its next project, and while there are practically no details about it whatsoever, the success of Mutant Mudds warrants some level of anticipation. The upcoming game is called Bomb Monkey, and all we have to go on at the moment is a teaser site. The page features a monkey holding a bomb with the word "puzzling" floating above the critter's head.

    Hmm … From the looks of it, I'd say Renegade Kid is working on a puzzle game with bombs and monkeys. Yes, that has to be it! That's real investigative journalism for ya, folks! You heard it here first!

    No release date or specific gameplay details are known aside from the stuff mentioned here, but the game is listed for the eShop, which points to a future 3DS release. Unless of course Renegade Kid is tricking us all and plans to launch Bomb Monkey for the Wii U eShop! Nah, that probably won't happen.

    But if it does, you heard it here first!

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    By David Sanchez

    What’s downloadable this week, Nintendo? 10/18/2012

    Super Mario 3D Land Image

    It's another Thursday of Nintendo downloads, and this week we've got full retail games getting the digital treatment. You can now download The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Mario Kart 7, Star Fox 64 3D, and Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS eShop. There are also a handful of new titles which you can check out below.

    WiiWare gets a new game with Reel Fishing Ocean Challenge. The game is priced at 500 Wii Points, and it tackles the activity of fishing. You know, if you're into that stuff.

    On the 3DS eShop we've got Sparkle Snapshots 3D, which sounds like a hideous photo app, for for $5.99. Due out on October 22 is Style Savvy: Trendsetters for $39.99. This may be even more hideous than the photo app.

    If you'd rather take a trip back in time, the NES shooter Gradius is available on the 3DS Virtual Console for $4.99. There's also a free demo for Moshi Monsters Moshlings Theme Park. Admittedly, that's kind of an awesome title for a game.

    On the DSiWare front this week is a single game. Puzzler World XL features a number of puzzles including, you guessed it, Sudoku. This one's available for 500 DSi Points ($4.99 for eShop buyers).

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    By David Sanchez

    What’s downloadable this week, Nintendo? 8/30/2012


    It's Nintendo Thursday, people! Seriously, I think that should be the official name. I mean, it certainly makes sense. Anyway, we've got some new eShop and DSiWare titles today. Sadly, there's nothing on the Wii, but I suppose this batch of portable downloads will have to do.

    "Kill animals!" That's the message Nintendo is shooting your way with Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D. You can hunt for your prey in this downloadable title for $3.99. If you're more animal conscious, though, why not drive like a madman in SpeedX 3D, a racer that's also priced at $3.99?

    If you're feeling nostalgic, you can instead check out the much more enticing Toki Tori, which also sports a $3.99 price tag. This is a downloadable port of the Game Boy Color original, and it looks pretty darn charming. Not in the market for a new eShop title or a trip back in time? You say you're feeling a little cheap? Well, if that's the case, you'll be glad to know that you can download the free demo of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

    Last is DSiWare with a 2D shmup titled Escape the Virus: Shoot 'em Up. That one will run you 200 DSi Points ($1.99 for you 3DS shoppers). And that's this week's downloads. I might just give ol' Toki Tori a buy right now.

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    By David Sanchez