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Capcom has announced plans to hire 1,000 new developers over the course of the next 10 years. In an investor Q&A posted to its official site, Capcom noted that “Our goal is to increase the number of developers by 1,000 over the next 10 years. We want to further improve the quality of our games by maintaining an internal game development team.”

Capcom elaborated, adding “The purpose of increasing our game developer team is to create a larger percentage of our games internally. Therefore, we believe that there will be no significant change in total development expenditures mainly because we will be shifting outsourced operations to our own workforce.” As of September 30th, Capcom had 1,500 game developers, hoping to increase its workforce to 2,500 overall. The company noted that it “will continue to allocate people to content development in the Home Video Game sector while recruiting and training more people to create games in our Mobile Contents and PC Online Game sectors.”

The news comes following Capcom’s earnings report for the first half of its fiscal year last week, which pointed to Resident Evil 6 and Dragon’s Dogma as highlights. In the investor Q&A, Capcom reiterated its goal of selling six million copies of Resident Evil 6, adding “We are confident because of the approaching overseas Christmas and New Year selling season, past sales of titles in this series, and for other reasons.”

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By Andrew Goldfarb