Call of Duty Ghosts

British retailer Tesco might have accidently leaked the nextCall of Duty game ahead of Activision's big reveal. A product listing on Tesco Direct — which has since been removed — showedCall of Duty: Ghosts along with box art for Xbox 360 and PS3, complete with the official Infinity Ward logo. Pay no mind to the release date as it is likely a placeholder.Call of Duty games tend to release in November.

The listing falls in line with previous rumors fromMarch that claimedthe nextCall of Duty game would be called "Ghosts." Judging by the box art listed — if official — the source might have also been correct about the game's story and setting which is believed to branch out of theModern Warfareseries and move into a "different direction." The character on the cover is seen donning a mask similar to that worn by Simon "Ghost" Reilly, suggesting the game could be connected to past Modern Warfaregames.It's speculated thatCall of Duty: Ghosts is set in the future, but will make use of present-day weaponry; it's something that is said to be a major plot point in the game.

Call of Duty Ghosts listing

Activision has not officially confirmed development onthe nextCall of Duty — though we all know it's coming — but community manager Dan Amrich earlier this month hinted at a May reveal for the game. I'm expecting it to be unveiled alongside the next Xbox at the rumored May 21st event.

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By Matt Liebl