After playing multiple versions of Angry Birds for years, we finally get to hear the pigs side of the story in Bad Piggies. This game is nothing like Angry Birds, the game developer Rovio is known for. This isn’t Rovio’s first new game since Angry Birds (Amazing Alex) but it is the first new game based in the Angry Birds universe.

Bad Piggies is a puzzle/ vehicle building game in which you construct and assemble various parts into a vehicle in order to get pieces of a map. Building your vehicle is as simple as dragging and dropping parts on a grid. Simply slide the part where you want it and the pieces instantly snap together and form the vehicle you imagined. It’s very simple to do and makes designing vehicles fun.

Bad Piggies title

The actual game play, besides creation, is from adding different things like motors and fans to your ride. To activate these, just tap or hold the on-screen button depending on the add-on and your vehicle will move. The vehicles in Bad Piggies do take a long time to start, which is frustrating in the beginning of the game.

Unfortunately customization is often limited by the level design, as your creations are sometimes too big to fit into certain areas and too slow in others. This changes approximately halfway through the game, where there are more unique options for your vehicle creations. It seems like the choices you make are what the developers wanted, and creative freedom is something not often seen here.

Vehicle Creation

Priced at .99 cents, Bad Piggies is a great value however. The game features 72 different levels, each with 3 stars to collect (just like Angry Birds.) The levels are fairly different and offer varying challenges in each one. It will take a good amount of time for perfectionists to 3-star every level and there is more content after the main game is beaten.

That additional content, or Sandbox mode, gives you wide-open spaces and a large grid filled with different vehicle parts. Honestly, I almost wish this mode played like the game's main mode, since you have the freedom to create anything your heart desires and collect stars. Hopefully we will see more levels added to Sandbox mode, since it currently only contains five.

PiggieBad Piggies offers a unique look into the Angry Bird’s universe while offering a completely new spin on game play. This is a dollar well spent and should be owned by everyone with an iOS or Android compatible device. Bad Piggies is certainly not as addictive as Angry Birds but is worth your time and money.

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By Alex Rhoades