Capcom has released a lengthy developer walkthrough for upcoming gameRemember Me. The six minute video details protagonist Nilin's memory-altering powers as she uses them to take down the monolithic Memorize corporation.

Remember Me takes place in the year 2084, a future in which memories are freely shared thanks to a Memorize technology known as Sensen. Despite this widely accepted technology, there's a small group of activists fighting back against Memorize. This is where Nilin comes in. An elite memory hunter, Nilin finds herself on the other side of the wipe once her own memory is erased.

Today's video explains, in great detail, the tools that will be at Nilin's disposal including the power to view, and even change, the memories of her foes in order to accomplish her mission. Examples shown in the walkthrough include her ability to search a person's memory and look for glitches that she can change and exploit. By changing just one simple detail, she can completely alter a person's memory making them do the unthinkable.

Throughout the game, you will also unlock new powers and combos that Nilin knows but has forgotten. You'll be able to create your own combos in an easy-to-understand Combo Lab.

Remember Mewill release in North America on June 4, 2013, for Xbox 360 PS3, and PC.

By Matt Liebl