Anarchy Reigns on Xbox 360 and PS3 Image / Screenshot

While Japan has already had Anarchy Reigns for approximately six months now, it is time for the rest of the world to catch up. If this beat-em-up has caught your attention, but you’ve never been able to play due to region restriction, those days are over. North America has got their hands on Anarchy Reigns and Europe will very very soon.

Although there is a campaign mode, this new release trailer features the multiplayer modes. Boosting sixteen characters to bring chaos upon the battlefield, there are several modes for you to play with or against your anarchist buddies or complete strangers. These 11 modes consist of a Capture the Flag, Death Ball, Tag Death Match, Battle Royal, Deathmatch, Team Battle, Cage Match, Survival, and more. Now that’s some multiplayer mayhem at its finest.

Despite what the trailer says, Anarchy Reigns came out in the US yesterday on the 8th. The trailer has the European release date which is January 11th. Japan has quite the head start on us though since it came out there on July 5th, 2012.

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By Andrew Clouther