Love it or hate it, advertising is an integral part of the gaming industry. And when it comes to online advertising for video games, no company is larger than Intergi Entertainment.

Last week, the company announced that they were #1 in comScore for Gaming Information in the United States. In addition, Intergi announced today that they are now the number one international outlet to reach online gamers.

comScore, the global leader in digital statistics and audience measurements, ranks Intergi Entertainment number one in the US, UK, Germany and Australia for Gaming Information.

“We have seen a direct correlation between our successful international sales and new publishers joining the Intergi network, thus further solidifying our number one position in major media markets around the world,” explained Intergi's Director of International Sales and Network Operations, Nathan Thomas.

Intergi is almost 50% larger than their closest competitors in the U.S., Germany, and Australia. According to the press release, Intergi allows advertisers to connect with an estimated 150 million unique users worldwide.

“This is exciting news for us; we are now a recognized worldwide force. What this means for brands is that they can now receive the best possible global reach through one partnership with Intergi," said CEO Jayson Dubin.

Video game advertising on gaming review websites is, and always has been a slippery slope among gamers – rightfully so. It's the whole mixing business with pleasure argument.

The fact is, without advertising, websites like us couldn't stay online to bring you the gaming news you want to read. GameZone is proud to be partnered with Intergi as they serve ads on our website for some of today's and tomorrow's best games. Without them, I wouldn't be doing what I love so much – writing about video games.

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By Matt Liebl